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In the warm breeze of an afternoon, a secluded hideaway nestled amongst the roses and the wafting fragrance of lavender, an arched trellis frames the sky, vines wrapped around its white rungs. Stepping stones lead the way to the quiet pond, lilies floating in its midst, a rustic table set for tea.

  Teapot   The lace tablecloth flutters in the breeze while steaming tea is poured into cherished teacups, releasing a calming aroma, evoking ancient essences. Appreciating the elegance and grace of the hand-made teacup, knowing it was crafted using time-honored traditions handed down from artisan to craftsman since Victorian times.

Teacup       Burgess Dorling & Leigh's Middleport Pottery, the oldest continuously producing pottery in Staffordshire, England, crafted this special collection for just this moment.

A tradition of excellence, attention to detail, and exceptional service are hallmarks of Blue Calico, Ltd. We are proud to be bringing fine ceramics hand-made by the potters at Burgess Dorling & Leigh directly to your home.

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