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BCA244 - Blue Calico Lidded Egg Box BCA286 - Blue Calico Ripon Bowl
Lidded Egg Box
holds chocolates, candies, jewelry, coins, or special treasures!
4½" long, 3¼" wide, 3¼" tall

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BCA244 - $40.00
Ripon Bowl
Out of Stock
7¾" diameter, 6¾" tall

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BCA286 - $72.00
not orderable

BCA82 - Blue Calico Candle Sconce BCA120 - Blue Calico Small Posy Vase BCA121 - Blue Calico Medium Posy Vase
Candle Sconce
7" tall
holder for pillar candles

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BCA82 - $96.00
Small Posy Vase
4¼" tall, 3¼" diameter
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BCA120 - $28.00
Medium Posy Vase
6¼" tall, 4⅛" diameter.
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BCA121 - $40.00

BCA203 - Blue Calico Jimmy's Tiny Plate BCA204 - Blue Calico 6" Plate BCA06 - Blue Calico 7" Plate
Jimmy's Tiny Plate
Out of stock
3¾" dia. (9.5 cm), smooth edge (not scalloped)

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BCA203 - $10.00
6" Plate
15 cm, scalloped edge
makes a good bread or dessert plate

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BCA204 - $12.00
7" Plate
17½ cm
works well as a salad plate, a bread plate, or a dessert plate

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BCA06 - $14.00
not orderable

BCA205 - Blue Calico 7-1/2" Plate BCA07 - Blue Calico 8-1/2" Plate BCA08 - Blue Calico 10-1/2" Plate
7½" Plate
Out of Stock
19½ cm
works well as a salad plate, a bread plate, or a dessert plate

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BCA205 - $15.00
8½" Plate
21½ cm
works well as a salad plate, a bread plate, or a dessert plate

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BCA07 - $18.00
10½" Plate
Out of Stock
26½ cm
this is a lovely Dinner Plate

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BCA08 - $26.00
not orderable not orderable

BCA09 - Blue Calico Cereal Bowl BCA10 - Blue Calico Large Cereal Bowl
Cereal Bowl
6⅜" diameter, 2" deep
works well as a soup bowl
Also available in sets - see the Ensembles page.

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BCA09 - $16.00
Large Cereal Bowl
8¼" diameter, 2" deep
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BCA10 - $18.00

BCA216 - Blue Calico Gravy Boat & Saucer BCA31 - Blue Calico Salt & Pepper Set
Gravy Boat & Saucer
Out of Stock
holds 12 oz

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BCA216 - $60.00
Salt & Pepper Set
3" tall, 3" diameter
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BCA31 - $42.00
not orderable

BCA106 - Blue Calico Pudding Bowl BCA105 - Blue Calico Pasta / Soup Bowl BCA221 - Blue Calico Open Scollop Bowl
Pudding Bowl
8½" dia., rim approx 1" wide, scalloped edge, 1¼" deep
matches the BCA105 Pasta/Soup Bowl

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BCA106 - $16.00
Pasta / Soup Bowl
Out of Stock
10¼" dia., rim approx 1¼" wide, scalloped edge, 1½" deep

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BCA105 - $35.00
Open Scollop Bowl
Deep bowl, 8½" diameter, 2¾" deep, smooth edge
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BCA221 - $26.00
not orderable

BCA37 - Blue Calico Rectangular Covered Butter Dish BCA243 - Blue Calico Cheese Round
Rectangular Covered Butter Dish
Out of Stock
Holds 1lb of butter.
6½" long, 4½" wide, 4" tall w/lid, 2¾" tall w/o lid

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BCA37 - $54.00
Cheese Round
9¼" dia., ⅝" thick
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BCA243 - $46.00
not orderable

BCA69 - Blue Calico Dutch Tot BCA180 - Blue Calico Mustard Pot BCA64 - Blue Calico Cream Tot
Dutch Tot
2¼" tall, 2½" diameter, holds 2 oz.
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BCA69 - $22.00
Mustard Pot
3" tall, 3" diameter
Holds 4 oz.

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BCA180 - $26.00
Cream Tot
individual-sized creamer
holds 1½ oz.
2" high, 1½" diameter

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BCA64 - $20.00

BCA209 - Blue Calico Cake Plate BCA155 - Blue Calico Small Cake Stand (Comport) BCA83 - Blue Calico Medium 8" Chinese Bowl
Cake Plate
11¾" diameter
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BCA209 - $56.00
Small Cake Stand (Comport)
10¼" diameter, 4" high
scalloped edges

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BCA155 - $68.00
Medium 8" Chinese Bowl
7⅞" diameter, 3¾" tall
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BCA83 - $58.00

BCA21 - Blue Calico Egg Cup BCA206 - Blue Calico Egg Cup Tray
Egg Cup
available in sets of 4 - see the Ensembles page.
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BCA21 - $14.00
Egg Cup Tray
holds 4 BCA21 Egg Cups
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BCA206 - $29.00

BCA285 - Blue Calico Footed Bowl BCA22 - Blue Calico Calico Cat Saucer
Footed Bowl
Out of Stock
12½" diameter, 6¾" tall

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BCA285 - $186.00
Calico Cat Saucer
special "Calico Cat" backstamp
4¾" diameter, 1" deep

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BCA22 - $16.00
not orderable


Prices are shown in US Dollars.
All dimensions are approximate. All of our Burleigh Ware pottery is hand-made, so some variation in size and colour is to be expected. All of our pottery is lead-free, and is dishwasher- and microwave-safe.
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